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Body Piercing and Tattoo Shop in Plainfield, IL

Award winning tattoo studio Proudly servicing the southwest suburbs of chicago with top QUALITY tattoos & JEWELRY. All piercings performed by a proud app member. 




Here at Boundless Tattoo Co. We have multiple award winning tattoo artists under one roof as well as the best top quality body safe jewelry the industry has to offer all while being performed by a registered APP (Association of Professional Piercers) body piercer. As we continue to strive on bringing you our customers some of the best tattoos and body piercings the Chicagoland has to offer, we also strictly enforce on being the cleanest. 

At Boundless Tattoo Co. Our mission is to exceed local health codes as well as industry standards. Our staff is trained annually in house by an outside OSHA representative in not only local standards of bloodborne pathogens training but also CPR, First Aid, & Infection Control. Our entire Tattoo side is 100% disposable while our piercing end is mostly freehand piercing although every now and then a tool may needed to be used depending on anatomy or difficulty of that said piercing. With that said we make sure all jewelry and tools are processed according through multiple levels of sterilization including ultrasonic, statim, and autoclave. As you sit in our lobby staring at all the great artwork on the walls, you’ll notice also all the training certificates and awards all around the shop as well. Rest assured because not only will you be receiving a great tattoo and/or piercing but you’ll be receiving it by our properly trained staff in a safe environment. 

So what are you waiting for? We welcome you to stop in and have a look for yourself what all the hype around town is about. We can’t wait to better service you!



(779) 234-6420



16030 S. Lincoln Hwy
Suite 106
Plainfield, IL 60586



Mon.-Sun. 11am-7pm


Mike "Mikey Lo" Lopatka

Tattoo Artist, Owner


Andy Sharik

Tattoo Artist



Tattoo Artist 



Tattoo Artist 



Shop Manager



Body Piercer



Tattoo Artist


Dennis Paul Kline

Tattoo Artist 



 Tattoo  Artist

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Looking to book an APPOINTMENT ?

Looking for directions to the nearest Taco Bell?

If you'd like to set up an appointment, please click on an artists picture above to be directed to their contact page. If you don't have a particular artist in mind please call or stop by to talk to an artist in person. This makes it easier on you and the artist to translate and understand each other's ideas easier. Please note all appointments will require a non-refundable deposit that will be credited to the total price of your tattoo in order to secure your appointment. But please don't really ask us about tacos. Our heart has been broken too many times from our love affair with their tasty treats.





-Leave bandage on minimum of 3 hours. Remove gently, wash with warm water and Opti-Scrub for the first 72 hours. Use Dr. Bronners soap for the remainder of the healing process. 

-Apply a thin layer of Boundless Tattoo Aftercare 2x a day until tattoo is healed. 

-NO direct sunlight for your new tattoo for 14 days. 

-NO SUBMERGING your new tattoo in baths, pools, lakes, sauna, ocean etc. 

-NO picking or scratching while tattoo is healing.

-Always apply sun block to tattoo once healed. 


-Spray sterile saline wound wash directly onto piercing 2x-3x a day. Pat dry if needed with a clean piece of gauze. 

-Please DO NOT move, rotate, or twist jewelry while healing (unless cleaning piercing area) it will move on its own naturally.

-Piercing may have some swelling/discoloration, or have some discharge this is very normal. 

-DO NOT submerge your new piercing in any baths, jacuzzis, saunas, pools, lakes, or ocean etc for at least 1 month.

-DO NOT use Neosporin, hydrogen peroxide, contact saline solution, dial antibacterial soap, bacitracin, bactine, iodine or rubbing alcohol as aftercare. 

-Healing times vary depending on piercing. 

*These are very broad and general aftercare instructions, some piercings may require separate and or different aftercare instructions if you have any questions give us a call 779-234-6420.