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Newly located, Boundless Tattoo Co. is paving the way for high-quality, high-impact art that lasts a lifetime.



Boundless Tattoo Co. started from a group of top-notch artists who wanted to change the South West Chicago suburbs in a grand way. Little did they know, the little idea would spark and become a ever-growing phenomenon.

The current team has been inspired by art all over the world and take great pride in giving you a piece of high end art that will stick with you, something you'll be more-than-stoked to show off, and dare they say, down-right impressive. The results of all their hard work and daily practices will bring your tattoo, no matter what size, to life.



(779) 234-6420



16030 S. Lincoln Hwy
Suite 106
Plainfield, IL 60586



Mon.-Sat. 12p–9p
Sun. 12p–3p • by appt. only


Mikey Lo

Tattoo Artist, Owner

Andy Sharik

Tattoo Artist



Body Piercer

Max falada

Tattoo Artist 

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